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If the following resonates with you, your internal compass is leading you to a life of prosperity and freedom.

  • You can sense that you are not benefiting from the current financial system.
  • You have a deep longing to manifest lasting global change.
  • You are ready for a new way to create wealth and open to a new level of consciousness.

Who Are We?


Christof is the founder of the Conscious Crypto Circle. He’s an entrepreneur, speaker, shamanic facilitator, and highly sought-after leadership coach. Christof is known for his enlightening insights that inspire purpose and possibility. He believes that creating a conscious community of change starts in our hearts and homes.

Christof has spent 25 years working with fortune 500 executives, pro-athletes, entrepreneurs, and experts in health, performance, the healing arts, psychology, and leadership. Coined a spiritual futurist, Christof has a real gift in translating ancient spiritual teachings in new and practical ways for the western mind to comprehend and apply.

Dennis Maennersdoerfer  

Dennis is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience as an investor in real estate and traditional financial products. In 2017, Dennis discovered Bitcoin and the Crypto world after participating in the German Accelerator Mentorship Program as a co-Founder of a Tech Startup in Silicon Valley.

Today, after two successful exits and early retirement, he runs the Conscious Crypto Circle, an online learning platform for spiritual-aligned people.

Join The Great Wealth Transfer Masterclass and lean into your wealth consciousness

In this exclusive masterclass you will learn about:

In this exclusive masterclass you will learn about:

  • Tapping into the Great Wealth Transfer
  • Early adoption—into the right projects—can spur personal and generational wealth
  • How old financial systems will unravel and what you can do to thrive during the process
  • The three digital disruptions and why the 4th one will be bigger than them all
  • Why big institutions are moving into position—and why you should, too

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